Research Platform

We market a computer-controlled, scanning microelectrode measurement system for use in conductive solutions. These are non-contacting measurement systems. These systems can measure electrical fields, specific ion gradients or reduction reactions in aqueous media. Many commercially available or home made microelectrodes will work with the system hardware and software. Typical microelectrode active tip sizes range from 2-50 micron diameter. Though larger electrodes can also be used. The equipment platform and software provide a multi-use data collection system for basic research purposes and commercial assays. It utilizes a programmable 3D micro-positioning system, a real time data collection system and a video microscopy system.

Variability of use, low cost, and user friendliness are the prime concerns in the development process. This platform is designed to grow with the user and remain useable for a long period of time. Other commercially available devices analog outputs (+/- 10 VDC range) can be input to the platform with no programming changes. Science Wares ASET software was programmed to utilize these components.  Altogether, this system is capable of automated voltammetric and amperimetric measurements in aqueous media, as well as measurements of voltage potentials and ion concentrations. Other manufacturer’s instruments can be utilized with this scanning system.

A complete RP-1 system contains:


* Model CMC4 - Computer Motion Control System consisting of: 

  • 3D Stepper Motor Translator

  • 4 Axis Motor Controller

* Model VZS1 - Motorized Video Zoom Scope (7-45x)  consisting of: 

  • Zoom Body

  • 4x Video Adapter w/lens              

  • Mounting Column

  • Motorized Translator

  • Ringlite fiber illuminator

  • Lamp supply

Dell Computer 

  • Pentium III, 500 MHz, 13 Giga HD, Hi Res. VGA, 64 Mbytes Ram. CD Rom, ZIP drive, MSOFFICE, WIN 98 color printer. 3 year on-site warranty. Also, Loaded with peripherals and ASET Ver. 2.0 software.

National Instruments 1408 - Color frame grabber  

A/D board - 16 bit, 100khz, D/A

Sony - color video monitor - real time video 

Sony  color CCD video camera

ASET Ver. 2.0 WINDOWS Software

Vibration Isolation table

  Steel Tabletop:

  • Drilled & tapped surface (1/4-20 or 6mm)

  • 2.5' width x 3' length x 4" thick  (720mm x 900mm)

  • Air Frame for table 

  • (user must supply approx. 30 psi air or nitrogen tank)

Miscellaneous hardware kit:

  • 3 Optical rails

  • 3 dovetail carriers

  • 4 Posts

  • 1 universal clamp

  • 1/4 (6mm) - 20 & bolts/nuts 

3D manual micromanipulator 

* Sample Mount with 2 axis positioner and adjustable gimble

Oscilloscope, 20 MHz dual trace


* AE  Systems include hardware and operations manuals, 1 year warranty on parts and labor, under normal, intended use. Email/phone/FAX user support/software upgrades for 1 year.

All other equipment covered by their own respective manufacturer's warranty conditions.